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e are giving a web (online www.) Admin Panel - Application Control System with the mobile application. You can manage your products, current orders, order history, customers with a clear picture in this panel. You can any time open this admin in any system for a quick access. The Admin Panel is a end-to-end secured panel where you can rely on.

Managing Products

You can add/edit/delete products which will be reflecting in the application. Features like product quantity -- count are also there to keep a record of products.

Current Orders & Order History

You can have a view of current orders made by the user once the order is delivered order will be transfered into the history.

Offers & Discounts

Uploading Offers & Discounts banners linked with products through the product id will also be an option.

Managing Customers

Can view customers list, with the record of orders placed, orders delivered. You can also Edit/Delete/Add the customer/user profile directly from the admin panel.
What Exactly We Are Providing

Mobile App Features


User Account

Easy way to create new account in 25secs with Mobile No. & OTP. With a very easy and quick way to login with OTP.

Product Search & View

Clear options in Dashboard to have a clear picture of products accordingly is displayed.Categories are very much simple and clear so that the user with no confussion can have a clear picture of requirement. Easy & quick view of products with details are present.


Offers & Discounts are displayed on dashboard and in screen of search in a very clear HD image view linked with products on one click.


After adding products there's a confirmation with product defined in cart with a button of CONTINUE SHOPPING so that the user can get back to it's destination of products. User can modify products in cart also.

Placing Order

With no delays user can place order and add the shipping address before placing order. First the order get's placed then user clear the payment type selections which later gets updated in the system. This way user can have the product with no delays.