latest and good features of a website

Nowadays website building is not a big task. Anyone can build now

This whole article is based on two key points which is very important to visitors by holding them on your site and by getting more traffic or visitors.

Because these two points makes you and your business successful online.





To start a successful website or your business online. There are 13 crucial points for your online presence to be ideal.

  1. Design should be Eye-catching

What is the first thing which attracts your visitor online that is your website design? It should not be confusing or irritating your visitors by dull content or flashy content.

Information should be very clear and easy to catch.

  1. Easy Navigation

By easy navigation we means one click information. We all  have experienced that while surfing website not all website we are staying long. Why? Because we want information easily and we will avoid those site where we have to give time in searching the link or information.

Same our visitors wants. That is easy navigation. For this one should place maximum link for one click go but again these link should be well planned not disturbing our eye-catchy design.

  1. Proper Content

Contents are very important and mainly an very effective points to attracts visitors. Content is also plays a very important part in Googlebot, which every time search for new updates in every websites. It is very important part of SEO.

You should be very specific and honest in your content. Your content should give real and full knowledge to your visitors. This also builds a trust between you and your visitors.

Don’t forget about some helpful information concerning your website operating. All the users appreciate the possibility to find the accurate answers for their questions.


  1. Search Option

In case your website is crammed with different information it will be very convenient for the user to find the necessary content with the help of search field. All he/she has to do is type some keywords and then check the results of the search process.
Providing the visitors with search option will let them find what they are eager to quickly and easily, and believe they will be much pleased with such possibility.
You can use either a Google Search or your Content Management System to establish a search function on your website.

  1. Sitemap

Sitemap is very important for the visitors and for the google to easily understand your website and to navigate easily.

This sitemap can be given in any format like xml, html and many more. For getting sitemap there are many readymade tools available online to create sitemap in different format.

  1. All Browser Friendly

There is a number of web browsers used by the Internet users. And it is very important for your website to run properly in each of them, whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox or other browser.
It will be better for you not to prefer only certain web browsers and avoid others. That will somehow show your respect to the potential clients if you try to make your website compatible with as many web browsers as you can.

  1. Images

Building your website you of course paste a lot of images there to make your online presence look nice and eye-catching.

So it is very important for all the pictures to be of the proper format – neither too large nor pixelated.
300dpi is considered to be the standard resolution for an image but in case of website creating you should choose lower one.

  1. Retina Friendly Websites

Nowadays retina friendly websites are very important it make the image displaying by keeping it clarity on all resolutions.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites are very important nowadays. Now maximum searches are increasing day by day from mobile. Google has also kept a criteria of ranking for website for different resolution.




  1. Responsive Website

As above we have seen for mobile friendly website. Another important point considering the above point is responsive website.

These website are single application and running on different platform by not loosing there look and clarity.

It helps your business with all different platform presence.

  1. Contact Information

Your contact information should be easily displayed online and available easily. So that the visitor can easily and reach us fast.

  1. SEO

SEO is for search engine optimization. It increase your Searching criteria and quickly access to content and website by Google. If Google read our content fast on any search made then the visitor will be more to our website.

  1. Analytics

The last useful point concerns the very owners of the websites. Statistics and analytics function helps them to see how popular their web presence is and what aspects should be improved first of all.


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